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For me this is a passion. I believe in the importance of proper training and equipment and taking the time to do a thorough job. People who depend on their tools deserve to be serviced by a sharpener who has taken the time to learn and invested in the equipment to do the job well.

Here is an example of how I go the extra mile for you:

I was super excited to work with the manufacture of my blade machine when I first started sharpening clipper blades.  I chose The Shop, Inc. machine because one option was the specialty plate for sharpening Wahl 5 in 1 blades.  It has a different curvature than the plate used for sharpening regular clipper blades.  In the past, I had sent my 5 in 1 blades off to several different sharpeners and while they usually came back sharp, they were not like new, did not draw through coat as a 5 in 1 should, and were more likely to leave skin irritation.

The Shop, Inc machine is the best clipper blade sharpening machine on the planet, but I was not satisfied with the results of sharpening the 5 in 1 blades on their special plate.  Thankfully, Mitch, who manufactures The Shop machine, was more than willing to work with me to find a way to obtain the results I wanted and after a few months of working at it from various angles, Mitch found that changing the plate as well as the procedure resulted in the great outcome I was seeking.  I have that ‘new’ specialty plate and use the procedure we worked out and I am proud to offer sharpening services on the Wahl 5 in 1 blades that I can stand behind.

This craft requires a personal dedication to ongoing vocational education, somewhat like the grooming industry or the restaurant industry – one gets better based on what you put into it.  I have trained with Mike and Pam Borsh at The Clipper Shack, Mitch Kingsland of The Shop, Inc, Craig Crazier of Precision Sharpening and More, taken special courses from Dennis Brooks, and the amazing hands on seminar at IBSA with the Kikui Sharpening family of Japan, attended the workshops at the IBSA event 2017 in Las Vegas, Hosted the Western Sharpeners workshop in Washington with intensive hands on classes by industry leaders such as Jason Pintel, Don and Barbara Vogel, Mike Soleagui, Joe Carson, Albert Edmonds, Rick Siler, and Judy Brenner, completed Small Medical / Surgical Instrument Sharpening Class  taught by William (Bill) Rice of Tuscon, AZ and another Medical Instrument Class taught by Debra Finck of Oregon.  I will be attending IBSA again this year, and will host future workshops through Western Sharpeners in an effort to stay abreast of advanced tips and techniques.